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Dog Love The Taste!
100% Natural Ingredients
Good For Skin and Coat
Healthy For Your Pet!

Our Mission

Our Mission is to offer the best quality hand baked dog treats made out of the finest ingredients at a reasonable price.  We strive to create treats for dogs that are as tasty as they are healthy for the animal.

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My dogs absolutely LOVE these treats!  Great value for all natural treats.
My Dogs have skin allergies.  They are allergic to about every thing.  I decided to give Moore’s a try and WOW. My dogs had ZERO problems with the treats, they loved them and the treats did not give them any skin allergies.  I highly recommend for sensitive doggies!
Kimberly B., New York
My Dogs can’t get enough of these treats.  I have 2 Pit Bulls that are very finicky about their treats.  If I let them, they would eat an entire order in one sitting.  great treats!
Ray M. , New York